I grew up driving Volvos and they were indestructible beasts. Then I owned an S60 during the Ford era, and it was the most trouble-prone car I owned since a 14th-hand 1986 Chevy Blazer whose driver seat once literally came off the rivets while I was going up a modest incline. I just could never consider going back… » 1/26/15 3:19pm Monday 3:19pm

Mayweather Vs. Pacquiao Is (Maybe) Happening, Five Years Too Late

Manny Pacquiao has reportedly agreed to two of the key obstacles holding up his long-awaited showdown with Floyd Mayweather, Jr. First, a 60/40 split of the revenue, with Pacquiao's side taking the short end; second, a fight date on May 2, Cinco De Mayo weekend, a popular date for pay per view cards featuring Mexican… » 1/14/15 1:25pm 1/14/15 1:25pm

Christian MMA is actually a thing. Just like Christian rock is a thing - a terrible thing but a thing nonetheless - even though many Christians believe rock is the devil's work. Oddly enough, Jesus was strangely silent on contact sports, focused as he was on helping the poor and powerless. But I think it's safe to… » 1/13/15 2:37pm 1/13/15 2:37pm