You left out honky tonk bars, casino bars, sushi bars (unless treating them as a subset of restaurant bars, which is grossly inaccurate), in-flight bars (Virgin Atlantic upper class, only), and most importantly, "any bar where IMG is drinking." » 11/25/14 11:30am Yesterday 11:30am

I think the Owner's Take from the Forza magazine buyer's guide tells you all that you need to know. Not one of them would recommend a 355 to a friend. And those guys either bought their cars new or have well-maintained used models. This is thrashed by Ferrari standards. If you're going to buy a trouble prone car, at… » 11/23/14 9:10pm Sunday 9:10pm

The IMS bearing issue affects about 1% of 996/986.997.1/987.1s. They made a million cars with an m96/m97 engines, so you're going to hear some examples of it failing, but it is not the deal-breaker that it is made out to be by the people selling replacement bearings. Even the entirely unverified allegations in the… » 11/05/14 7:04pm 11/05/14 7:04pm

I sold my 997 S to get a 996 Turbo and could not be happier. It feels much smaller, sportier, less like a GT. With a simple modern Alpine head unit, the full leather interior looks better than the plasticky 997 interior (I think better than the minivan looking 991 interior, too, but that's a matter open to debate).… » 10/25/14 3:45pm 10/25/14 3:45pm