Jason Whitlock Blows A Dog Whistle 

Jason Whitlock is many things, all of which have been commented on extensively on this site. But I’m not here to revisit old grievances. I don’t even really have much of a grievance. I follow Whitlock on Twitter. He’s entertaining, if not consistently insightful, and innocuous enough for the most part. I say “for the… »12/24/14 11:19am12/24/14 11:19am

Michael Sam Is Doing A Reality Show, And That's Awesome

Yesterday, TMZ took a break from broadcasting stolen security camera footage to announce that Michael Sam had inked a deal for a reality based TV series on OWN. The Twitterverse and the Blogosphere and the World Wide Web and Cyberspace, and presumably at least several other electronic ecosystems, lit up in response,… »5/15/14 4:34pm5/15/14 4:34pm

White Washed: How White Folks Want Richard Sherman To Absolve Their Sins

I have a confession to make: I'm white. I have some Latino relatives on my mom's side, and my avatar is a black guy, but when people see me, they see a white guy, and that's really what matters most in today's world. In the past 48 hours, we've begun to have another one of those ephemeral national discussions about… »1/21/14 6:32pm1/21/14 6:32pm

Miniature Golf: A Coward Reflects on Caleb Hannan and all of our Small-Mindedness

Things move fast on today's internet. A day ago, I'd never heard of Caleb Hannan or Dr. V or a putter called the Oracle GX1. Hell, I was barely familiar with the concept of a putter. That was before Twitter collectively chose to laser focus its rage on the talented young writer and his questionable piece. A piece… »1/18/14 5:49pm1/18/14 5:49pm

Man's Life Changes Forever Following Retweet

They say there's no such thing as an overnight success, but try telling that to John Edwards, 29, of Deer's Leap Gulch, MA. Just last week, Edwards was, in his own words, "a loser, living with [his] folks and basically going nowhere," but all that changed when Edwards received a retweet from funny man Frank Caliendo.… »1/13/14 11:41pm1/13/14 11:41pm

How to Win a Fight With Richie Incognito: A Guide For the Hopelessly Screwed

If there's one thing we can say with certainty about the whole Miami Dolphins locker room fiasco, it's that Richie Incognito is an unbalanced psychopath who has bullied or assaulted more Floridians than Hurricane Andrew. If you encounter Incognito, and piss him off - and you will piss him off - you're almost certain… »11/20/13 9:50am11/20/13 9:50am

The Only Thing I'm Saying On The Incognito Situation

There’s no reason for someone like me to say much about the Incognito matter, because Greg Howard has already sliced and diced the pro-Incognito argument into a million pieces, each of which is a 3 cubic inch block consisting of a 60%/40% mix of corn-fed beef and Stanozolol. »11/07/13 10:33pm11/07/13 10:33pm

A Brief Haterish Note On Floyd Mayweather's Win That Isn't Really Hating

Floyd Mayweather didn't just beat Canelo Alvarez on Saturday night; he utterly dominated him. I gave Canelo one of the twelve rounds, and based on general reaction, I was being generous and/or drunk. It was a great performance against Floyd's most legitimate opponent in years. He should rightfully be feted for… »9/17/13 10:43am9/17/13 10:43am

One You Can't Miss: Why You Need To Tune In To Mayweather-Canelo Tonight

No one goes to Hooters for wings. So says, Chris Rock, the Floyd Mayweather of comedians, in that he got a bunch of publicity for saying some controversial stuff a few years back but now most of us have grown a little tired of his act. The premise of the joke is straight forward and tough to dispute: when something… »9/14/13 8:02pm9/14/13 8:02pm

RIP, Tommy Morrison: An All-American Champion Finally Finds Peace

Former heavyweight contender Tommy Morrison finally died last night, bringing to an end his 17 year struggle with HIV and a life equally triumphant and tragic. Morrison's story is a metaphor for his time in the ring; an epic tale of opposing forces in combat: a spirit so boundless that it propelled him to overcome… »9/02/13 1:05pm9/02/13 1:05pm